Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Antipolo Day Tour

I know, it's only been weeks since I last went on an out of town trip but I'm itching to go out again.  I had enough of Manila, I had enough of shopping centers.  I want something different, go somewhere which I haven't been or revisit a place that I've been.  I just wanna be away...

It was very easy to convince Divine to go on a trip.  I told her my plans and when I wanna go and off we went to Antipolo.  

Crescent Moon Cafe:

I don't know where I found this cafe.  I am assuming that I came across this place whilst looking for review on Moon Garden.  I read lots of positive reviews and I was curious about their pottery sold by the kilos.  To put it lightly, I was disappointed with my whole experience.  Lunch is served from 12-2PM, my friend and I arrived at half past(with confirmed booking) and when we walked in into the cafe, everyone looked at us.  We were uncomfortable from the minute we walked in.  We can't find our seats either no scratch that, there weren't any reserved table for us.  The waiter had to borrow seats from neighbouring table.  Although the staffs were very nice, our whole Crescent Moon Cafe experienced was ruined.  Divine and I can't wait to get away from the place.

Two must do things at Crescent Moon Cafe - Eat Suman With Mango and Feed the Fishes.  I screamed the first time the fish touched my hand.  :P

BTW, going to Crescent Moon Cafe by commuting is difficult.  Most of the tricycle drivers that we asked have not heard of the place.  It is handy to bring a printed map or get yourself familiar with the landmarks.  It only cost 40PHP from Antipolo Church to Crescent Moon.

Callos Resort and Spa:

I had a bad feeling when I asked the driver to take us to Callos Spa and he don't know where it is.  My rationale is, if the place isn't famous then it must not be good.  I was right.  We were supposed to get the affordable massage but Thank God we changed our mind to an hour combination massage instead.  We saved an hour and 250PHP.  My friend and I were completely ripped off.  We were given a 40 minute mediocre massage.  Our attendants left, started chatting and only went back when they heard Divine and I laughing and told us that our time's up.  I can't believe that they had the nerve to gave us their tip envelops.  Divine told me that her massage was so bad she felt like she was gonna die.  Mine's very bitin and minadali. I will not trust the power of DSLR from now on.  :P

Antipolo Cathedral:

How to go to Antipolo?

Going to Antipolo by commuting is easy and cheap.  From North MRT Station, take the MRT to Cubao and change to LRT to Santolan.  From Santolan LRT take the FX or Jeep to Antipolo Cathedral.  Both ways costed less than 100PHP.

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