Monday, 6 April 2015

Buckebury Farm Park, Berkshire

My dream was to live in major cities of the world or to live abroad in general.  I'm sure that I have mentioned this before, I wanted to live in London when we first moved in the UK.  My mum's job was based in Reading so it was sensible to live in Reading then.  Reading for everyone's information is 25 minutes away with train to London Paddington.  Most of the people that work in London doesn't necessarily live in London.  It is quite expensive to live in London on a normal wage.  And no, not everything looks like Notting Hill.  I was fooled by that film as well.  Not a lot of people can afford that area as Victorian Semis can be as low as a million pound in price.  

Living outside London is great when you have a family or when you are planning to have one.  For one, the space that you get per square footage is big.  There is catchment area for most schools whereas in London, it might be difficult to get into the school that you wanted.  There are loads of parks outside Central London although one can argue that you can go to Kensington/ Hyde Park area anytime.  To each its own.  :)

Bucklebury Farm Park is ideal for small kids and kids at heart alike.  It is situated 30 minutes or so outside Reading town.  It has park, petting zoo and massive play area for kids.  You can bring your own food or buy on the day.  If you need food straight away, maybe it is a good idea to bring your own.  We had to wait ages for ours to get served as there is only one cafe that serves the food.  On peak days, expect the area to be very busy.  If I have to pick which one I like the best, it would be feeding of the animals.  You don't get to feed lamas on a regular basis don't you?  :)


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