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Tagaytay City

Because of my tight schedule, Luke and I wasn't able to make plans on his last holiday in the Philippines.  When I as unemployed, Luke and I would always go to different countries for 2 weeks at a time.  It was one of my happiest memories with him as I get to see him every 8 weeks then.

To be honest, Luke and I are running out of places in the Philippines to go.  We've been to most of the popular places.  When I came across a coupon on deal grocer on an accommodation to Tagaytay, I immediately bought it and told Luke that we were staying in Tagaytay.  
Taal Lake and Volcano on the background.  Luke was disappointed with the state of picnic grove.

Olivarez Plaza.

T House Tagaytay:

The Room:

We were placed in the Water Room.  To be honest, Luke and I are disappointed with the size of the room.  The size of the bed is just enough for me and Luke bearing in mind that my boyfriend is 6 feet in height.  The toilet is tastefully done in proportion to its size.  Yummy smelling Ilog Maria toiletries.  I love the strong shower.  There is no safe but there is cable TV and telephone in the room.  

On our stay, we found spider crawling in the wall. 

The Spa:

The spa is simple.  Each massage table is separated with curtains.  There is nothing special with the massage.  I can get that massage in any salons in Manila.  I think it's expensive for what it is.  There is a "quiet zone" policy but that will still depend on the group of people in the spa.  We didn't get our quiet time.  

The Food:

You can never go wrong with their food.  The turon(banana fritters) is to die for.  Luke and I wanted to order turon for breakfast the next day.  It was that good.

How to go to T-House Tagaytay commuting?

From Manila, take the Tagaytay bus from the bus station near EDSA Taft MRT Station.  Ask the driver to drop you at Rotonda.  Get into a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to T-House Tagaytay.  Not all drivers know T-House though so just say, it's beside of Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church.

If you are booking a trip to T House Tagaytay please go to this link -

Moon Garden Tagaytay:


2990PHP per casitas per night for 2 with free breakfast.  Definitely money's worth.

The Room:

If you like modern, then don't consider staying at Moon Garden.  The room has a good shabby feel to it.  The bed is massive so is the shower and toilet.  The toilet is behind the bed.  There is no door separating the toilet and the room though, just two curtains on each side.  I don't recommend this to people who just start dating.  To put it lightly, you can hear what your partner is doing in the toilet.

The photo below hopefully will explain "the toilet behind the bed and the curtains on each side".

It is very peaceful at night with symphony of insect sounds.  If you hate insect sound then scratch this place from your list.  I have to admit, it's a little creepy but it adds authentic feel to the theme of the place.

There are no safes or telephones in the room.  You have to text the caretaker on whatever needs you have.  The last food order is 7PM.  

The Food:

I would shy away from ordering burger from the menu.  Luke was very much disappointed with the size.  The free breakfast was not to be missed though.  Everything tasted fresh and nice.  It was truly special.

Dinner at the room.  Please ask ate to clear the table to avoid ant infestation. 

The Staff:

The staff is very helpful and courteous.  They leave you in peace once they do what needed to be done.  :)

Final Note:

If you want to go on a mini holiday away from people, definitely this is the place to go.  It is very quiet.  The downside though, there are no restaurants in the area so you have to either eat out or order in.  There is a bit difficulty in finding tricycle though. 

How to go to Moon Garden Tagaytay?

From Tagaytay Rotonda, take the trike and ask the driver to take you to Moon Garden Tagaytay.  If the driver doesn't know where it is, tell him to turn left from Estancia Hotel then straight to the SVD Road.  You'll see signs pointing to Moon Garden Tagaytay.

How to go to Tagaytay:

Exit EDSA LRT or Taft MRT Station.  Go to the bus station beside Mc Donald's.  Fare from EDSA LRT to Tagaytay Rotonda costs PHP 78.  Tagaytay Rotonda to EDSA LRT costs between PHP 78 - PHP 82(in our case) depends on the bus company.  

For people wanting to travel to Picnic Grove:

I suggest you take a tricycle.  There are abundance of tricycle in the city so finding one won't be a problem.

We paid PHP 60 and PHP 50 each for entrance.  So I assume that travelling from Tagaytay Rotonda to Picnic Grove won't cost more than that.  You can also take a jeep from Rotonda.  It's 8PHP each.

An extra PHP 200-300 is needed for people who wants to try the Zip line.  It wasn't thrilling as Go Ape but I think it is still worth the experience especially for people who are very scared of dying and heights.

For people wanting to travel to People's Park in the Sky:

We paid another PHP 60 from Picnic Grove to People's Park in the Sky and PHP 15 each for the entrance.  We took the tricycle.

For people who can't be bothered to walk up the park, there is a jeepney for rent for PHP 40 as I remember.  This isn't necessary unless you are terribly unfit.  The view on top is unbelievable.  

From People's Park in the Sky to Tagaytay Rotonda:

It just make sense that we have to pay PHP 120 for the trip via tricycle as we paid that much on our way there.  


There are a lot of restaurants in Tagaytay Rotonda.  If you are travelling on a budget, I suggest you buy food there.    BTW,  Cottages don't come free but if you sit under the tree(just like we did), noone will obliged you to pay.  I repeat, NOONE.  :-P  


It will cost you PHP 700 for the day if you ride the Zipline.  We didn't.  


Thristhan said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

Miss A said...

The holiday was short but we were able to cover everything that we want to do. I don't suggest accommodation hopping like we did though. Very difficult esp when commuting with lugguages! Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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