Saturday, 23 July 2011

Isdaan, Gerona Tarlac

My brother JR has been to Isdaan.  Luke and I haven't been and since Tarlac is near Nueva Ecija, we decided to go on a short trip.  Dad was supposed to go with us but he was in the company of his friends then.  It was also his birthday the previous day.  

I wanted to go to Isdaan because the place looked unique.  Imagine building something on top of an isdaan.  I was intrigued.  I don't think something liked this is offered in Manila or anywhere that I've been in the Philippines for that matter.  The place reminded me of the floating market in Thailand too.  

The place is famed for their tacsipayo wall where you can buy cups etc to throw and release your anger on the wall.  Talk about release!  :P

Isdaan is located in Gerona, Tarlac but because we drove through the place, I can't really tell you how to get there. *ashamed*

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