Monday, 19 December 2011

Poctoy Beach, Marinduque

Went for an overnight trip to Marinduque for my grandma's 89th birthday celebration.  I was really looking forward to Poctoy Beach as I've seen so much good photos that my cousins have taken and read lots of positve reviews.  Well guess what, the reviews didn't match my expectations.  The maybe next best beach to Boracay tripadvisor review is a total lie.  It got white sand with walkable soft sand under water but nothing matches the crystal clear water of Boracay with powdery white sand!  Three plus points though, it is very peaceful in the beach, you get a good view of Mt. Malindig and the accommodation is very cheap.  We paid 2,000PHP for a 3BR air-conditioned house at Rendezvous Beach Resort and if you are only planning to stay for a day, a pavillion can be rented out for 200PHP.

Poctoy beach is located in Torrijos.  It is approximately 2 hours from Boac.  You have to rent or drive to get there.  I didn't see a single jeepney to and from Torrijos.

How to get to Marinduque?  

There are two ways to get to Marinduque - land and air.

We flew this time.

Zest Air is the only plane carrier in Marinduque.  Travel time is approximately 30 minutes and flies daily.  There is a massive delay on both our flights.  We have to wait 2 hours on our way and 2 hours on our way back.  Good thing Marinduque has decent airport.

For more info about Marinduque, please go to this article


QuiRkY-Malaysia said...

Nice fine sandy seaside there.

Miss A said...

I didn't know that Marinduque has white sand beach. This is a pleasant surprise. :)

DoRa Priscilla said...

Nice! Philippine is on my travel list!
Finally can comment ^^ this pop out method is better

Miss A said...

Finally able to sort out my comment box. :)

Please do visit my country! There are lots of beaches and fine white sands everywhere and it isn't expensive to go anywhere too. :)


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