Sunday, 15 January 2012

Cebu Taboan Market: Danggit Central

I rarely bring back pasalubong to my relatives when I travel.  Unlike my mum who bought trinkets from everywhere, I make sure that the person who I am giving the present to liked what I brought back.  If there is one thing that I hate, it's wasting money.  :P

When I visited Cebu in 2005, I had a vague recollection of Taboan Market.  I do remember going to the market with baskets and baskets of dried fishes but I thought that's what it was like in Cebu markets until Luke introduced me to Taboan.  
Taboan Market is located in downtown Cebu.  It is definitely the most pungent market I've been in.  The prices in here are relatively cheaper to the one in supermarket I assume but because I am not a native speaker, I wasn't able to haggle with the vendors.  The best thing to do I guess is to move stalls and compare prices before you do the actual purchase.
There are tons of pasalubong you can purchase in Tabo-an Market aside from dried fishes.  They also sell chorizo, peanut kisses, dried squid, otap, dried coconut and mango and mango puree.  I suggest buying from the tried and tested brand.  I did went for a cheapo brand and the taste wasn't as I was expecting. 
TIP:  Don't go to Taboan Market on the day of your flight.  I almost made that mistake.  I only took less than 30 minutes to buy my pasalubong but I smelled the whole day!

How to go to Taboan Market?

Take the taxi.  It cost us 100PHP from Ayala to Taboan Market.  


CarmisCaprice said...

That tip is a real life-saver! Yun taxi na sinakyan ko sis, wont even allow me to roll-up his windows coz i smelled danggit.

Miss A said...

Hinarang ako ni Manong Driver bago ako pumasok ng taxi. He asked me if I got danggit with me tapos pinalagay nya sa likod ng kotse but I still smelled! Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

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