Monday, 16 January 2012

Zubuchon: Best Pork.... Ever.

According Anthony Bourdain, "Best Pork....Ever."  

I am never a lechon girl.  Lechon by the way is a roasted pig under an open fire/charcoal.  It is a very popular food in the Philippines and other Spanish colonised country.  In the Philippines, lechon is synonymous to feast, birthdays and any special occasions.  You can not have a proper celebration without it.  Nowadays, lechon is readily available in restaurants and in shopping center food court.

Aside from danggit(dried rabbit fish) and dried squid, Cebu is very popular with Lechon.  Whilst in the taxi, I asked the driver where to go, he suggested CNT.  With little googling, I found out that the place gets incredibly busy at dinner time.  I looked for another option which directed me to Zubuchon.   The "best pork...ever" intrigued me and we have to try it out for ourselves.
I have to say that I've never been to a restaurant with the most number of attentive staffs.  They are certainly not shy about asking the customers with visible cameras(Ahem, me!) if they can help in taking photo.  They would go their way into pretend I'm cleaning the table pose which Luke and I found hillarious.  Everyone's smiling and you will feel like they are authentically happy to be serving you.  This is my kind of restaurant. 
Pork Fried Rice.  Luke and I was totally overwhelmed by the grease from the dish.  I liked it initially but I had the "naumay" feeling after a small portion.  I think it was a good thing as I was able to eat a little.  :)
*naumay is a feeling when you had enough
The lechon was fantastic.  The skin was very crispy I felt like I'm eating chicharon.  The meat was very tasty.  According to the blogs that I read, it is organically fed, cooked without MSG and was flavoured with lemongrass, lemons, rosemary and olive oil and splashed with coconut water.  
The sisig I was disappointed about.  It's too salty for me and it wasn't sizzling.
Luke and I tried the budbud kabog which is a seasonal delicacy.  It wasn't quite like suman.  It's more soft in consistency.  I would recommend the biko though.  We had it to go and it taste amazing the next day.  All in all, for the best pork...ever experience, I would definitely go back again to try some of the food on their menu.  It's definitely money's worth.

Interested to go to Zubuchon?

Just ask the cab driver to take you to One Mango Mall. 

Zubuchon Restaurant

One Mango Mall

Mango Avenue, Cebu City

Tel. 032.236.5264, 0917- 6274761


g.ta said...

wow the lechon looks so yummy!! <3

Miss A said...

The skin is very crispy. This lechon made me wanna eat lechon again. :)


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