Thursday, 16 February 2012

Let's Party: Boracay Edition

I went to Boracay for 4D/3N to attend my cousin's wedding.  I have been to Boracay twice before first with family then with my boyfriend last year.  My experiences depends on the people I went with.  We did lots of activities when I visit with my family and spend lots of time eating and swimming when I went with my boyfriend. This time, I went with my relatives and spent time mostly with cousins my age.  We drank and party.  

Which leads me, where to party in Boracay?
That's me looking crazy on the dance floor.

There are actually 5 places where you can party in Boracay and I went to 4.  There were Guilly's, Paraw and Coco Mangas which are located in Station 1 and Club Summer Place and Juice Bar in Station 2.  Guilly's and Paraw are next to each other and just before Willy's Rock, Coco Mangas on the other hand is near the Boracay church and behind Guilly's.  Summer Place is behind Club Manila East and Juice Bar is few minutes from the bar.  You can't tell which bar will be a hit for the night but definitely everyone goes to Summer Place for finale. :)

TIP 1:

The party starts after midnight but do come early if you want to secure seats and join the "happy hour" promo.

TIP 2:

Check for party listings.  Our trip coincided with Juice Bar's 7th anniversary.  They sold drinks for 7 pesos each after midnight. 

TIP 3:

Let loose and have fun!  :)

The night Lorraine blacked out.

Entrance Fee?  All bars are free except during events.

Dress Code?  No dress code.  People would come in any attire.  Expect topless guys and girls in skimpy clothes.


johny said...

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Zoe Mei Resort Boracay said...

Seems that you have a great time and really enjoyed your stay in Boracay. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I would love to see more of your photos and would definitely read your blogs. Keep them coming!

Kit Cruz | Real Estate Boracay said...

one of the best places on earth to party, indeed! It won't be named as top 3 for nightlife for nothing... :)

Love Boracay said...

Thx for sharing this, it's no wonder around a million people visit Boracay every year!


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