Sunday, 5 February 2012

Project Cabanatuan: 62nd Araw ng Cabanatuan 2012

Project Cabanatuan is my personal writing challenge.  I wanted to write about the place that I grew up in.  Luckily, it was fiesta ng bayan when I visited.

The 62nd Araw ng Cabanatuan was celebrated for 7 days.  It started with 3 days of music and dancing followed by sports competition, street dancing, longganisa festival, Miss Gay Cabanatuan and Miss Cabanatuan and fun run.  I only went to the final 2 days of the music and dance fest and street dancing competition.  I lived in Cabanatuan for 10 years but never experienced any of these.  When I was younger, the fiesta isn't as lively.  Thanks to the effort of the present mayor, Mayor Jay Vergara, we were able to enjoy the fiesta.  :)

I woke up early to witness the street dancing.  I haven't seen anything in my life and I was very excited.  Good thing I wasn't disappointed.  I was surprised how creative high school students were with their costumes.  The "green avatar" is my personal favourite. 

Loved the pose!  Give na give!  LOL!

Zaldy with the group he choreographed.

I will visit Cabanatuan again at the end of this month and will try and make more blog entries about the place. #It'sMoreFunInThePhilippines


jamie said...

such a beautiful festival :) the vibrant colours overwhelmed me ;)

Miss A said...

Thanks! I'm glad the photo did justice to the festival! :)

Crystal said...

Whoa! Unique festival! ;D

Miss A said...

Actually different places in the Philippines have different festivals. They normally have streetdancers and contest. This was my first time to witness this. Where are you from? :)Thanks for dropping by.


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