Friday, 7 July 2017

London Day Out: Tate Modern

First off, one hour on the train with a 13 month old is a challenge itself. I just had a preview of the upcoming LA trip in December. It's 11 hours long. *shudders*

Visiting London is like visiting an old friend to me. As I've been countless of times, I know where to go and I know what to do. Although the landscape is evolving, there is still a feeling of familiarity to it.

My husband is currently working in Waterloo. It is walking distance to the London eye,
London dungeon, Tate modern, South Bank and St Paul's to name a few.  Like I said above, having a 13 month old child is challenging. Lift is important, so is shade on a scorching day like today and food and drinks. Leaving the house involves planning. I plan my day according to her nap time and I
make sure that she have some sort of activity or interaction with someone other than me and Luke. It is important that she is social and not like a grinch like me. :p

When we went to visit Luke today, we didn't have any concrete plans. When your child naps for 2-3 hours in the afternoon, it's both a blessing and a curse. Blessing as you have time to yourself or to do some housework and curse as you are bound to her time frame.  We simply can't go early as she won't nap if we are out unless she is knackered. When she is knackered, she is grumpy and when she is grumpy, it is difficult for me to handle her. Early on on motherhood, I learn to pick my battles. 

Most museums are free in London special exhibition not included. So today, we went to Tate Modern.  I love coming to Tate Modern as I like art myself. I don't draw nor I have the talent for it but I sure appreciate it. We are lucky to see some Picasso and Mondrian today. Bella sure have fun walking in the museum and waving to everyone.

After Tate Modern, we went to St Paul's for dinner and walked through South Bank to take the train back home. How things have changed before the baby. The usual full day trip now takes few hours. I am not complaining as it's the new normal to us. I'm just glad that we are still able to do things and now, we do it as a family. Everything feels new again. I can't wait to share my likes to my baby girl. 
Hopefully, she gets my love of art, fashion and travelling. She already got the love of sleeping from me. Hehehehe.


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