Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Portobello Market, London

I have been to Portobello Market before as I have lived in the UK for 3.5 years from 2006 to 2009.  We did everything that tourists do.  We go to museums, watch West End shows, go to Trafalgar Square or any square for that matter, visit different parks - paid or not, shop in Oxford Circus, the list is endless.

As I have written on my previous blog, we went to London on a Sunday.  Portobello Weekend Market as the name suggest, is only open on weekends apart from the shops that is open daily.  Since it's the Olympics, I've expected the place to be full of tourists and eclectic people.  Boy, time did change.  The streets are empty.  I only saw a handful of tourists.  Can I say I'm disappointed?  Yeah, I am a bit.  I have painted my niece a different Portobello picture.  As per usual, we took photo of the George Orwell flat, took a photo with Portobello Road sign on it, took photo of the gorge coloured flats and took her to the Notting Hill Bookstore.  She said she haven't seen the film.  I forgot that she is only 16.  So she was a baby when the film was shown on the movies.  :-P

This was the Portobello Market that I was expecting:

 Versus this at present:

Tube Nearest Portobello Market:  Notting Hill Gate

Go if you like flea markets, vintage stores and antique finds.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

I have moved to the UK since my last post.  Been here for over a month now.  Anyone who's following my personal blog or my twitter account will know.

Weeks have been busy for me and Luke.  It's the summer here and we've been attending social functions weekly.  Last Sunday, my sister, my mum and I met my niece from the US for the first time.  She is currently staying in London with her aunt.  She requested to go to the Sherlock Holmes museum.  I haven't been and was delighted to go. :)

Location:  221B Baker St., Nearest Tube Baker St.
Days Open:  Daily
Fee:  £6 for Adults, £4 for children.  You can buy personalised tickets online too.

Fact:  221B Baker street is the same addressed that was used by the author on Sherlock Holmes book series.

You may be interested to go so here are some photos that we took from our tour:

I think, buying a personalised ticket is worthy but you have to queue up still as the museum can only accommodate a certain number of people.

 Whilst waiting, you can take a photo either as Sherlock or Dr. Watson.

 Do not forget to include yourself on the visitor's book.

Buy souvenirs.  Even if you don't want to, it is still worth looking around.
Don't forget to take a free Sherlock Holmes card from the lady on the door.  It's FREE and geeky cool.  :)


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