Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ariel's Point, Buruanga, Aklan

Cliff Diving is one of the newest craze of Boracay.  Ariel's Point offers unlimited cliff dive on 3 different levels and unlimited food, drinks and alcohol.  Yes,alcohol.  The food is just okay though, they had the usual pancit, rice, grilled fish and fruits.

Who can go to Ariel's Point?

Anyone but I don't guarantee fun to people who can't cliff dive.  I can't swim and so it's irrational for me to cliff dive.  

If I don't cliff dive, what else can I do in Ariel's point?

Snorkelling and kayaking.  Limited number of snorkelling gears were provided on our 18 people group.  I counted 4.  If you don't cliff dive, make sure you secure 1 of the 4 snorkelling gears.  There aren't much to see underwater though.  I still like Siete Pecados of Coron.  Please do kayak on the nearby beach.  It is very unspoilt.  If you are a good swimmer, Luke recommends snorkelling in the area in between Ariel's Point and Ariel's Point beach front.  Please note that Luke is a licensed diver and amazing swimmer.

How much is the Ariel's Point experience?

It's 1400PHP per person.  It leaves every 11AM everyday depending on the weather so make sure that you register at least a day before.  The registration is Located in Ariel's House in Boat Station 1 near Obama Grill.

You get Ariel's Point baller after joining the tour.
Ariel's Point beach.

Ariel's Point.
Ariel's Point beach.  You have to Kayak on your own to get here.  


Punk Chopsticks said...

LOL I a;ways wanted tot ry out cliffdiving xD These pictures are amazing! I wish you took more, though heh heh. (greedy)

Miss A said...

I wanted to take more photos but the people are taking over the area. :P Next time you visit boracay, try cliff diving! Looks fun!


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