Friday, 11 November 2011

White Beach, Boracay

Above is a video of me trying to attract fish.
The fishes are definitely not afraid of people.  The more sand you pick, the more fishes you will attract as your hands might pick up worms.

White Beach in Boracay is probably the most famous beach in the Philippines.  It is the most busy too.  There are a lot of things to do in white beach from parasailing, jetskiing to banana boat.  Recreational activities are done here whilst water sports are done in Diniwid. 

Fine, powdery white.  You can actually run in the beach.
The sand is powdery white and water is shallow.  Perfect for people like me who can't swim.
In the mornings, the beach is lined with beach chairs and umbrellas.  By 5PM, the chairs are replaced by table and chairs for dining.

In White Beach, the food option is endless.  Here are some restaurants that we've tried:

1.  Alf's Eat All You Can Buffet for 350PHP.  
This includes all seafood and at least 15 variety of filo dishes.  This is the most expensive of all the cheap buffets that I've seen but this is the busiest too.  Busy is always a good sign.  :)

2.  The Real Coffee and Tea Cafe.  
The calamansi muffin is to die for.  Luke hates the taste of calamansi but he loved the calamansi muffin more than the banana almond muffin.  For a 45php a piece, this is a must try.  The cafe is located in Station 1, first left after Havianas.  

3.  The Hobbit House.  
There is nothing small about the Hobbit House but the little people that serves the food.  The portions are massive.  Definitely you get your money's worth for what you pay.  The restaurant serves more than 100 variety of beers from all over the world.


Anna said...

The beach looks amazing. Tempting. :P

Miss A said...

Boracay is one of the famous beach destinations here. You should visit the Philippines! I can help you plan!

Kit @ Resorts In Boracay said...

Fine and powdery, the sands of Boracay White beach feel like velvet to your feet. Very different to other beaches.


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