Thursday, 10 November 2011

One Crescent Place, Station One Boracay

We booked through agoda and found one of the cleanest and probably cheapest accommodation in Boat Station 1.  For 5 days, our stay costed Luke £140 according to him.  That's less than 2000 PHP a day.  The people that checked in on the same time with us was less thrilled.  I am assuming that they paid the full price.

The Food: 
The food was nice.  Everyday, Luke and I would try different things.  I normally ordered rice sets and Luke would go for pancakes.  I especially like their tapsilog and longsiglog.  I suggest shying away from the noodles.  It looked like straight from the packet.
The Room: 

The room as I mentioned is clean and okay in size.  Aside from our bed, they also provided another pull out bed.  I am assuming that this room can accommodate 4 people.  Basic toiletries were provided - dispenser for shampoo and conditioner and a soap.  I suggest bringing your own toiletries.  The safe is small but will fit a mini and a DSLR.  The downside?  The toilet takes a long time to flush.  Let's just say, one flush isn't enough.  :P

Final Note:  All in all, I would stay in the place again as it is cheap for what it is.  The staffs are very accommodating and friendly too.  It may be in the residential area of Boracay but at least it is not noisy and busy at night.  CocoMangas is 5 minutes away, so is the laundromat and the beach.  Going to D' Mall is a bit of an effort though.  They have a free internet station in One Crescent Place but slow wi-fi.  They have on call massage service for 400PHP an hour too but I'd rather go to the 299PHP an hour just outside the hotel.

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