Saturday, 23 April 2011

Marinduque City, Marinduque

Fully functioning ancetral houses in the centre of Boac City, Marinduque.

The Cathedral.

I love how well preserved Boac is.  I've never seen fully functional ancestral houses.  The "silong" are mostly used as stores and the upstairs as residential rooms.  From the city centre, the Boac Cathedral can be seen too.  You shouldn't give this a miss.  The Cathedral was erected in 1666 and is beautifully maintained.

What's the best time to go to Marinduque?

Holy Week no doubt.  They have different acitivities everyday of the week.  Daily processions, penitence and moriones.  They have "pugutan" on Linggo ng Pagkabuhay too.

If it's not Holy week, what else is there to do in Marinduques?

Sunbathe on the beach and Island Hop.  :)  Don't expect white sand though like Boracay.  The sand is made up of dark sand.  If you have extra money to splurge, i mean lots of extra cash, I suggest going to Bellarocca.

How to go to Marinduque?

You can either fly by zestair or take the RORO from Lucena.  We usually take the JAC Liner bus to Lucena and get off at the Lucena Port.  From there, we queue for a RORO.  Upon arrival in Marinduque,we take a jeep that will take us to whatever area we want to go.  Normally, my family travels in big group and we charter a van that will drop us to our family home.

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