Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Brighton, United Kingdom

The Brighton Pier
The pier doesn't have fine white sand, instead, it's covered with small rocks.

Beautiful Graffiti. 

"This Christmas Break must have been the Best Christmas' Weather I had in the UK - dry, sunny but cold still. Yesterday, me, my mum and my sister decided to go to Brighton just to see the place. We left home at 9:30AM hoping that there is an early train. There is but we just missed it and it comes every hour. Credits to our no planning trip. Worse is, we have to take 2 trains on a 2 hour journey. :P We kill time by stuffing ourselves with food. Everyone that goes on a trip with me knows that I don't get tired, I do as much as walking as possible to see the place and I get very controlling when I don't get to visit places that I planned to. That's the rationale about no planning. Anyway, it was a fruitful 4 hour trip."

-originally written in missailema.blogspot.com blog-

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