Friday, 29 March 2013

Marrakech #3

I will only be talking about 2 things on this post - my first hammam experience and food.  

I have no problem getting naked and I am very much confident with my sexuality.  In fact, I like experiences that involves getting naked.  No, not threesome or orgy type but mostly something cultural like when me and DH went to Taiwan and had to join locals in their hot spring - naked.  Whilst I am still young and childless, I would like to experience everythinggggg.  


DH chose Les Bains De Marrakech for our first hammam experience.  Not trying to sound very high maintenance but if I am gonna get "cleaned" by a random stranger, it might as well be in a legit place.  Hammam is literally getting bathed by someone in my opinion.  This is what our experience involved:

1.  Buhos / buckets of water getting poured.  It reminds me of my grandma bathing me as as child after I had fever minus the tamarind leaves.  I grew up with my grandma in the province 3 hours away from Manila.  I told Luke what it felt like and he didn't understood what I was talking about.  I just now realised that they have a bath and shower in the UK.  LOL.
2.  Steaming.  This will open the pores.  But you already know that.  *wink*
3.  Soaped.  The soap felt so slimmy against the stone.  It was weird.  When she was soaping me, she asked me if everything's okay in French (which I didn't understand of course).  I said "what?".  DH translated in english.  I said "yeahhhh" and she said "yeah?".  DH still finds this story amusing to this day.
4.  Scrubbing.  They take scrubbing seriously and they take their time.  If my boobs weren't flat, I think they will probably hurt.  They scrub as if they are scrubbing the tiles on the bathroom when it turned moldy.
5.  Mask.  When it was time for me to wash off the mask, the lady pointed out at my bikini bottom.  She told me to take it off.  It was so weird doing it in front of a random stranger.

As this was a full relaxation treatment, DH and I had a rose petal bath, an hour massage and I had facial afterwards.  If you are planning to go to a hammam, I suggest going in the morning cause it will take half your day.  Our treatment started at 9AM and we finished at 2PM.  Do not leave this on last minute  or before your flight as you might feel rushed and won't enjoy your experience.


As this was our last night, we wanted it to be special, meaning no disappointing food.  Nothing annoys DH more than a bad meal.  :-P  I have to be honest, this isn't our first time in this restaurant.  We went on our first night after the disappointing meal for dessert but we ended up having a full meal.  We just had to.  LOL!
On our first night, we took a chance and went without reservation.  We did the same thing on our second time.  I was worried that they will be fully booked.  We were told that there are no spaces inside and we have to eat outdoors.  I have to say, dining outside is wayyyy better than dining inside. :)  If I have to compare, the inside have more formal feel whilst the outside is more romantic.    
I had lots of firsts in Morocco in terms of cuisine.  I had my first tagine, my first rabbit and my first pigeon.  I have to say, I am not a big fan of tagine and I was kinda disappointed as I was looking forward to eating it.  Nevermind, pastilla saved it.  
If you are planning to go to Le Foundouk, I suggest booking in advance as the place gets very busy.  In terms of food to order, I am biased.  I like pastilla.  And for dessert, go for Pistachio creme brulee.  Yum!

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