Monday, 29 December 2014

Roman Historical Tour - Colosseo Roma and The Forum

I wasn't born well-off.  Both my parents were employed when I was growing up so I guess we are what you call middle class.  I didn't even travel abroad until I was 20 years old.  Not by choice but we don't have the means to do it.  The farthest I've been before my 20th was maybe an overnight trip to my grandma's in Marinduque or a two hour plane ride to one of the islands in the Philippines so I consider myself extremely lucky when I get to see one country twice in my life.  I had a slight obsession on going to a country that I haven't been before once a year provided that we are not overdoing it.  I may be, but my dear husband puts a stop on my craziness.  :P

Like I said, it wasn't my first rodeo in Rome.  This is why I am taking everything easy.  My first time was very hectic trip with my mum and my sister and I lost a lot of weight walking from that trip.  We didn't dive in to any culinary experience as we were on a budget.  I am very stingy and strict when I need to.  

On our third day in Rome, we left late and headed to the Colosseo Roma.  I went crazy with Luke with the train tickets as the attendant gave him a single journey ticket(1.50EU) when I wanted him to purchase a day ticket(6EU).  I was annoyed but he was able to disperse it.  Thank God my husband knows how to handle my craziness.  Noone like him.  :)  

So much has changed since I first visited Rome.  Even so when Luke first visited.  Apparently, the Colosseo was free then and you can just go anywhere the ruins and walk anywhere.  I went in the summer so we definitely queued up but it was never as full as when we visited.  Everywhere you go, people are carrying monopods or selfie sticks in the European world.  :P  The only good change at the moment was the diverted traffic around the Forum and Colosseo.  
We missed the Forum Tour as I had a 30 minute wait at the toilet.  The next one was 3PM so we had coffee and pizza at the restaurant across the Colosseo.  I wouldn't recommend but I was desperate to eat, sit and to waste 1.5 hours of my time until the next Forum tour.  It was bloody freezing that day as well and I wasn't winter ready.  I didn't factor in wind to the trip.  

 Another one for the books.  
 I'm inlove with Rome's "umbrella" trees.  
This is why Luke is desperate to do the Forum tour.  He loves history and Rome has so much history to offer.  This is just half of the Forum.  Unfortunately for us, when our tour concluded, the Forum closed as well.  So I suggest do your tour early.  The place closes at 4:30PM.

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