Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tourist for a Day: Budapest

I'll let you in a secret.  This is how I plan our trip:

1.  Google interesting place to visit in ____ (insert city)

2.  Write down the place.   I judge by the photo.  If it's good enough in the photo then it's good enough to be visited at least for me.

a.  Write metro or street name.
b.  Opening times and fees.

3.  Use google earth to locate the places.  Then divide which tourist spots are near each other.

In my opinion, it will take 2 days to explore the tourist spots in Budapest providing that you travel off-peak.  Walking around took us 5 hours from the Jewish Ghetto where we stayed.  Armed with map, Luke and I walked around the city. We were lucky enough that the Hotel Continental Zara is 30 minutes away from major spots.  

Walking around Budapest, I was in awe with the amazing architecture.  Just like Prague, Art Nouveau and Baroque is prevalent.  Yeah, I like to throw that from time to time so people will find me interesting.  Hahaha.  The city is not congested and it is feels very spacious.  So without further ado, let the day begin:

 The Budapest Parliament
 Shoes on the Danube Bank.
This is in memory of the people who are shot in the Danube river by Arrow Cross Militiamen.
 You can see the Buda Castle from the Chain Bridge.
 Okay, we walked in the grounds of the Buda Castle, which is massive by the way but we didn't go in.  Just can't be bothered paying to be honest and we've been to castles before as well living in England.
 Matthias Church
 You have to pay to get in to the Matthias Church.
I think it's worth seeing.  The fee, just like the Sagrada Familia in Spain goes to finishing the structure and in this case, for restoration.  The whole church is hand painted with Gothic details.  Uhuh, I threw that again.  :P
Fisherman's Bastion

To do this tour, would be cheap.  You only have to be ready and able to walk up the side of the mountain.  We only pay for the entrance of the Matthias Church. We usually scrimp on everything else apart from the food which I will make a separate blog post of.  :)

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