Friday, 29 December 2006

London, United Kingdom

 Tower Bridge on the background which everyone mistakes to be the London Bridge. I know I did!!!
 To be honest, London Bridge is just a bridge.

The London Aquarium.  This was the biggest aquarium that they have there.  Everything else is average size.

In 2006, my family decided to move to the UK.  It was me and my mum first then followed by my sister and my dad.  My brother who was in his final year in Uni then went to visit us for Christmas.  He was in the UK for 10 days and was asleep during the day.  He wasn't able to fight back his jetlag.  

On my brother's only day out, we took him to London.  He wanted to see the Tower Bridge as he was making a report on that particular bridge during that time.  We also took him to London Bridge(nothing special really),Buckingham Palace, Parliament, London Aquarium and the highstreets of London.  The London Aquarium was a bad decision for us.  We are expecting something similar to the Ocean Park but it was literally aquariums with fishes.  


If you are planning to go around London, it is better to buy an all-zone day ticket.  It will include all train and bus rides around London.  

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