Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Melaka, Malaysia

 Loved this colourful tri-bikes.
 The Ruin.
 Melaka Tower at the background.
 Museum of Enduring Beauty.  Yeahhhhhh!!!

Christ Church, Melaka

When we visited the town of Melaka, the people that I went with didn't know what to expect.  Well I do.  Prior to the trip, I wrote the places that I want to see.  It includes the Portuguese Settlement, Jonker Street, Christ Church and St John's Hill and Fort.  All places can be explored by foot and can be done in a whole day.  I know cause that's exactly what we did.  Love, love the red houses! :)

From KL Sentral, there is a direct bus to Melaka.  I forgot how long it will take though but it's pretty straight forward.  :)


thomas said...

Wow!You have been here in Malaysia.

Miss A said...

I've only been to Malaysia twice. First to KL then to Melaka cause my mum worked there for 8 months and shipped the whole family there. :)


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