Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Melaka Tower and Galleon

 Inside the Melaka Tower.  I'm pretty sure my sister was scared of this experience.
 View from the Top.  The houses reminded me of the Marlboro red packets.
Nothing special really.  It's just that we got nothing to do.  Hehe.
 The galleon across the tower.  I got more stupid photos to show but it got my ex brother's gf all over it and posting here won't be appreciated by his present girlfriend I assume.

In 2008, my mum was assigned to Malaysia.  Being an expat, she earned more than usual and she lived in a spacious 3 Bedroom condo all by herself.  Being in the UK for more than 6 months, I was delighted when my mum asked me to visit her there on a holiday together with my sister and my brother.  Definitely a family bonding.  :)

We got nothing planned.  I just wanna relax.  I think my brother was in the process of reviewing for his engineering boad exam then.  I took 2 weeks off from work travelling in between Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines then back to Malaysia again.  Jetsetter's life eh?

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