Thursday, 28 August 2008

Bournemouth Beach

 Bournemouth Port
 Braving the cold.
 20lbs lighter me in the middle.
Playing "patintero", a traditional filo game.

This was one of the rare bonding opportunity for the Reading Filo Community.  Usually, we go on separate groups but for some reason, we all came together for this beach bonding.

It was a very cold day when we arrived.  We were all wrapped up with our cardis til after lunch when the sun started to shine.  Me and Melay went to a nearby museum whilst the other play and dug themselves in the sand.  It was a very fine day but I didn't get a tan.  The sun wasn't strong enough.  

Whilst chatting with Melay in Tagalog and taking the piss out of everything we saw, a guy of Asian descent spoke with us in Tagalog.  He told us that he used to live in the Philippines.  The lesson:  I won't assume that foreigners don't speak my language.  

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