Friday, 20 November 2009

Samae Beach, Thailand

Koh Larn is 30 minutes away from Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. My fare costs 150THB return from the Pier to Samae Beach. There is a cheaper fare, 20THB each way, which drops you to the Naban Port. You can take a tuktuk from there which will take you to the other beach of your choice. I took the hassle free one as this was my first trip ever. Anyway, prepare 50THB for the Sunbeds. It ain't free. As soon as you settle into your position, thai people will ask for sunbed fee. It wasn't that expensive but they made it sound free as soon as you leave the small boat. You'll know when you get there. As for my thoughts on the beach, it was okay for me. I only want to see the beach and had a proper tan. For beach lovers, you might hate this. It is very very crowded. Remember the sunbed photos? The beach stretch is covered with sunbeds!!! You may only have less than a yard to walk to on the seashore. Food are quite pricey too. I had magnum for whopping 80THB! They have a lot of water sports too and clear water for swimming. I can't swim and water sports are best enjoyed with company and I was incapable of both. LOL!

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