Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tawaen Beach, Thailand

There are 3 beaches near Pattaya.  I went to each one whilst on holiday in Thailand.  Whilst Luke was at work, I go on trips alone.  I love it.  I love the freedom and I love seeing new places.  :)  

Naban Port:

 The Sunbeds:
 The Beach Area:
 The Fine White Sand:
Crystal Clear Water:

 The Wooden Bridge:
I was pleasantly surprised with the beach. It was nothing like I've expected. I mean, Samae Beach disappointed me and according to the articles that I read, Samae is better than Tawaen. I beg to differ. Tawaen is wayyyy better than Samae, less crowded, cleaner water and kid friendly. You can actually walk on the seashore without bumping into the sunbeds.

There are two ways to go to Tawaen Beach depending on which time you depart. First is the Pattaya(from Bali Hai Pier) to Naban Port Route. You must take a Baht Bus located in front of 7-11 to Tawaen Beach. Second one was the direct Pattaya - Tawaen Beach Ferry. I took the first one cause I miss the direct Ferry. Returning from the beach is easy, they have every hour ferry service from 1PM til 6PM.

This is the cheapest beach trip I've been. All in all, I spent less than 150 THB. Here's the breakdown:

Fare to Bali Hai Pier - 10 THB
Ferry to Naban Port - 20 THB
Baht Bus to Tawaen Beach - 20 THB
Sun Bed - 20 THB
Food/Fruit - 20 THB
Ferry to Pattaya - 20 THB
Baht Bus to Soi 5 - 20 THB

For a grand total of 130 THB for a day of relaxation on a beach.

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