Monday, 4 January 2010

Bangkok Cycling Tour

Do you like to be challenged?  Do you enjoy cycling?  Do you like green scenery?  If you answer yes to all this question, then this is activity is for you.

This was Luke's first Christmas present for me.  He knows that I love to tour on bikes.  I did it in Ayuttaya and in Amsterdam and now I'm doing it in Bangkok.  I was really excited when he told me about it.  But I didn't factor out the hell of cycling for 35KM in 40 degrees weather.  I was on borderline insanity at the end of the trip begging Luke to leave the group.  We can't.  We have their bicycles.  

 We have to carry our bikes in this stairs.

1.  We stopped on a small cock pit arena and watch an actual cock fight.  I've seen one before but it was Luke's first time.
2.  We saw lots of temples.  It feels like a temple trip. :P
3.  We fed fishes at the side of the temple.

What to expect from cycling:

1.  Tiredness.  Our trip took 6 hours to complete lunch break not included.
2.  No standard toilet.
3.  Thirst.  

What to bring:

1.  Water.  Lots of it.
2.  Sunblock.
3.  Camera.  There are lots of interesting places to take photo of.  You will be given enough time to take photos.

If you are interested, please go to this link -  This was the tour that we joined.

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