Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Things to Do in Boracay

At least these were the things that we did when we visited:

1.  Zorbing:
300PHP per person/  380PHP for 2

2.  Dine Alfresco Style:
At night, the seashore of Stations 1 and 2 are lined with tables for dining.  It's a matter of choosing which restaurant you want to go to.
Buffet starts from 350PHP.
3.  Glitter Tattoo:
From 150PHP
4.  Sunbathe and Camwhore:
The beach is amazing.  The seashore is very wide.  It gets wider the closer you are to Station 1.  If you are staying in station 3, it doesn't matter.  Walking from stations 1 to 3 takes less than 30 minutes.

5.  Island Hop and ate seafood

6.  Snorkelling

7.  Drove an ATV to see the island:
750PHP per hour including the tour guide
1500 per hour for the bug car including the tour guide
8.  Went for a massage/spa
Detox:  850PHP
Foot Spa:  500PHP
I suggest Renato's Massage and Touch Therapy.  We went for a shiatsu and it's to die for!!!

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