Monday, 8 February 2010

JJ Weekend Market

Everytime I visit Thailand, I make sure that I drag dear boyfriend to Chatuchak Market also known as the JJ Weekend Market or the 1 km non-workout workout as I call it.  I am not a big shopper(Read:In denial).  I simply like browsing and looking around stalls until I decide what to buy.  It is heaven for me, maybe hell for everyone.  JJ Market is similart to the cluster and 168 mall in Divisoria only they sell better clothes and accessories on much cheaper prices.

JJ Market sells almost everything, from home accessories and furnitures to clothes and accessories to animals and reptiles.  Yes reptiles.  We saw aligator, Iguana and snakes.  They have bunnies, dogs, cats, fishes and birds too.  My boyfriend likes aquatic animals.  I like to ask him questions about it and hear him geek out.  It is so cute.  (I cringe while writing cute.  LOL)

If you are planning to go to Jatujak Market, please go to this link -

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