Sunday, 14 February 2010

Koh Chang, Thailand

 Khlong Phlu waterfall

 Private Beach at Aana where we stayed.

Koh Chang, literally means Elephant Island.  This doesn't mean that you can see elephant everywhere.  There are certain places to go to though where you will be allowed to ride in an elephant but for a fee of course.  I wanted to go but my boyfriend thinks that it is wrong.  He doesn't like animals to be exploited.

There are few things to do in Koh.  At least that's what we did when we visited.

1.  We went to the Mu Koh Chang National Park.  It is small but you have a pretty coastline view of the island.
2.  Hike through Khlong Phlu waterfall.  
3.  Swam.
4.  Sesha at the Full Moon Party bar.
5.  Had a massage.
6.  Relax.  :)

To help you plan your trip better, go to this link

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