Saturday, 2 June 2012

Seri Fantasy Land

I am in Manila still.  I celebrated my birthday, 2 Sundays in a row with my relatives.  First I went with my 2 young cousins and my brother and the following week, I celebrated it with my brother and his girlfriend.  I know, it's odd that I'm celebrating this with relatives but I didn't dare ask friends to celebrate the special day with me as I assumed that they were busy and most of them lived in the province.  I don't give a fuzz on birthdays anyway as I meet up with my friends of on a regular basis.  I don't have to write about it everytime do I?  :P

I never heard of Seri Fantasy Land until I saw it in ensogo, 2 attractions for 149PHP.  I am not particulary interested to go but my brother's girlfriend said they were interested so I bought 3 tickets.  I was first disappointed with the size of the Trick Art Museum.  It was more like a room than a museum and everything looked flat but once you take a photo, everything comes to life.  You just have to be creative and let yourself go.  The Mirror Maze was as small as the Trick Art Museum but finding the exit is fun.  It's not very difficult and your tour is guided.  The tour guide actually helps you how to pose and take photo for free.    I know filos love a good photo.  :)

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