Monday, 3 June 2013

Greece: Eva Grecotel Palace, Corfu

I love travelling as much as I love fashion.  Thank God, I can do both.  I am working in fashion and my work allows me to pay for my travelling(having a hard working husband helps too.  :) )

I have few options when it comes to travelling.  I don't like the hassle of sorting out visa so I go for less or no visa requirements at all.  Being married to an British helps a lot.  I have less requirements as someone with the same passport as I.

I expected nothing but relaxation on this trip.  I chose according to price and "look" of the hotel and went to trip advisor for reviews.   Luckily, I picked one of the bests.  I am known to be malas or unlucky in making decisions whilst on tour.  It made Luke ill more than once when I chose restaurants.  I have to live by my decisions everyday.  Durian shake.


The hotel is located in the secluded area, very quiet at night time apart from the nightly entertainments.  The downside is, there are only few restaurants around.  I've only seen 3.  Luke and I went on Bed and Breakfast.  Big mistake.  If you stay in Eva Grecotel, I suggest going for the full board or renting a car.  The latter is the better decision though.  Corfu is a great island for exploring.


We had to wait for our room to become available.  To be fair, we arrived 2 hours before the check-in time.  As courtesy, we receive a room upgrade.  It supposed to have a view but the only view that we have is the lemon tree.  Not that I am complaining but we were near all the amenities in the bungalow.  We had the bar less than 5 minutes from us and so is the beach and pool.  

The room had 4 poster bed, bath with shower and his & her sink.  I love the idea of his and her sink.  Usually, I had to share with Luke on holiday and I didn't have to this time.  We can brush our teeth without getting into each others way.  Little luxury but made so much difference.  

Our room was tidied daily whilst we were away.  If I have a little complain, it's the lack of replenishment for toiletries.  I didn't have to ask on some hotels that I stayed in the past so I expected to get the same treatment in a 5 star hotel.


One thing you can't deny about this place is the amazing view.  You get it almost everywhere!  Almost, cause we didn't have any views in our room.  :P  It is amazing how the view can change the mood of your holiday.  In our 6 days, we had 4 days overcast and 2 days of amazing sunshine but the overcast didn't spoil the holiday.  I remember saying to Luke that the place redeeming factor in a dark cloudy day is their view.  He agreed.

Panorama view taken from the hotel bar.

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