Saturday, 1 June 2013

Corfu Day 6 - long winding road

Time flies when you're having fun.  Cliché, but true.  

Nakakabitin magbakasyon!  When you think you are having fun, it is time to go home.  :(  Few places we discovered before we went back to England.  Stumbling to these locations was pure luck.  Thank God for adventurous husband!  :)

1.  Paleokastritsa 

I have to say, the photos don't do justice to how stunning the place is.  When we went to Sidari, we were disappointed with the long drive and the state of the the area.  We were thankful that we booked in Kommeno bay where it feels exclusive and "clean".  The short drive to Corfu town centre is a bonus too.  We can never live away from town.  At least I can't.  Paleokastritsa is an ideal place for relaxing but if we stayed there, we won't be forced to explore.  The beach, the monastery and the restaurants are within the walking distance.  There is a diving and snorkelling area too.  Just happy that we saw a different side of Corfu.

2.  Angelokastro /  Castle of the Angel(s)

Since we were feeling adventurous, we followed the sign to Angelokastro not realising how far it was.  The drive was scenic and also, very long.  The rule is to just carry on.  When you think you reached a cul-de-sac, an open road magically appears.  

Luke and I didn't go to the Castle per se.  We haven't got the strength to walk, mostly out of laziness.  He was probably tired of driving too.  We stopped when we saw the castle from a far.  We found a couple who did the same.  They asked if we wanted a photo of us and we reciprocated their offer.  Being in a couples holiday is amazing but having photos together is proving to be difficult.  Luke hates bothering people and I hate asking for favour.  Together, we're doomed.  :-P  From Angelokastro, we went back to the hotel and slept in the pool side since we already checked out.  By 6ish, we left for town centre for dinner then headed to the airport.  We were knackered.  Full day without a hotel to go back to is a bad idea.  Will I do it again?  Of course!  You get your money's worth for the full day.  

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