Friday, 31 May 2013

Corfu Day 5 - tanning opportunity

Friday was the penultimate( yes, I use the term penultimate.  Now, cringe) day in Corfu.  We wanted to maximise our stay so Luke and I woke up earlier than usual to stuff ourselves with the breakfast buffet and to head to the pool early.  If you haven't been to European resorts, then you'll be surprised with the amount of towels in the sun bed without the actually owner with it.  This is the resort version of queue jumpers.  As civilised humans, we refrain from doing this.  It is just unfair and selfish.  If you know my husband, he is the last person to do this.  He is too moral which is good for me.  :)

We spent the whole morning tanning ourselves.  By lunch time, I've read all 3 books that I brought with me on this trip and started re-reading one of them.  I was bored.  My only entertainment were the people on the resort.  Like this old guy for instance.  He was swimming in the pool.  His wife threw speedo on him.  He undressed immediately with his back away from us but exposing his genitals in the people in the pool bar.  When he realised this, he faced our way.  Luke and I didn't hold back our laughter.  We left soon after for the beach.  When we had enough, we left for town centre.

That day, Luke found out that he have panorama feature on his phone.  :)  These are some of his test shots:

 Private beach owned by the hotel.
 View from just outside the hotel.
Corfu town port.

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