Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Corfu Day 2 - desperate for a tan / let's get lost

Part 1 - Desperate for a tan

Living for almost a year now in the UK made me desperate for a tan.  In the Philippines, where I am originally from, people complain of the weather being too hot.  In England, it's the other way around - too cold, when is the winter gonna end?  Since the first day was spent in bed, we both decided that this day will be spent in the beach side.  We woke up early motivated by breakfast buffet because as most of you dearies know, "you know how I feel like missing free breakfast" - Luke.  We packed our Luke's bags  with our books, suntan and water.  The first half was spent taking photos followed by endless hours of reading.  
Cliche photo.  Why not?  :P
My failed attempt to look hot.  I am too wholesome. :P
My first book from the trip was the kite runner.  Wrong choice.  I was crying on and off through out my read.  Hahaha!

Part 2:  Let's get lost

I love that my husband loves to explore.  We loves long drives too.  It's such a joy to find someone who is interested with the same interest as I.

Luke and I rented a car for the rest of the trip.  The 30 Euro bill from the airport to the hotel, 10 Euro per person travel from hotel to Corfu town, lack of restaurants in the area and the ripped off dinner helped a lot in decision making I assume.  That's a lot!  Whew!

First stop, The Church of Ipapanti.  It looked romantic on the outside that I wanted to have another wedding not realising that this church maybe Greek Orthodox.  :(  This is my dream church - small but small enough to fill up with friends and family and very scenic.  I can imagine my shabby chic wedding happening here. 
Drama aside, we decided to do action shots.  :P
I can't close my mouth!  We did 3 attempts for me and one for Luke.  

The plan ended with church of Ipapanti.  LOL!  Luke decided to drive around and we stumble upon Gardelades.  It was a very small town.  Too small to the point that there are only 2 roads - leading to and leaving from Gardelades.  From this day forward, Luke kept on referring to small town boys AKA Cinema Paradiso - all I want is to leave this small town and go to big city when I grow up.  

From Gardelades, we ended up in Dassia.  Dassia according to Luke is a very English holiday area.  He had an instant hate for it.  :P  We then drove and circled through Corfu town twice failing to find the city centre.  We gave up and went home.  Slept and woke up in time for dinner.  Fatties.

We took a different route to town and ended up in the city centre, finally!  Corfu town blog post will follow. :)

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