Thursday, 30 May 2013

Corfu Day 4 - Canal D' Amour Disappointment

I am starting to feel like I have the Midas touch but instead of turning everything to gold, I turn everything to malas.  Take this trip for instance - This was my choice.  :P  Canal D' Amour is about 1.5 hours away from Kommeno Bay.  It is located in Sidari.  Driving from Kommeno Bay to Sidari is confusing.  The rule is to carry on until you see a sign.  We had to take few stops just to make sure that we are in the right area.  When we got there, we were disappointed.  The view is good but not amazing.  It is quite unique for a cove though.  Great for taking photos but that's about it.  Not worth the drive.  

Sidari,where Canal D' Amour is, is just horrendous.  It reminded me of Pattaya.  Not my crowd, not my type of holiday destination.  We left as soon as we arrived.  Luke and I were so thankful that we were where we stayed.  Kommeno bay is a great location, near to town.   Away from the busy crowd.  I feel such a snob. Well, I am. :P  

Unfortunately, it was overcast that day.  I regretted rushing to go to town the previous day.  I could have gotten a bit tanner.  Yup, that's all I can think about.  I am obsessed with tanned skin as I rarely get to have strong sunshine on my skin.  As Filipino, we are used to the sunshine but you go to the Philippines, everyone is white.  Everyone is obsessed about whitening their skin but that's another topic.  :P  Back to the topic, when Luke and I got back in the hotel, the weather is still bad.  We stayed beach side, relaxed as I wore my two piece with towel wrapped around my body.  At about 4PM, we gave up.  Showered, slept, had feta and wine and left for town.

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