Monday, 27 May 2013

Corfu Day 1 - this day shall be spent in bed

Day 1:

Lately, I have been slacking with planning on holidays.  Making up as we go along best describes our trips.  I am trying to rationalise this and come up with these reasons:

1.  I am a UK resident and I will have plenty of time to go back to any European country.
2.  I too tired from work to actually organise a trip.
3.  I am lazy.  No excuse.  

I think it must be #2.  My work is knackering and leaves me no time to think about planning.  Plus planning stresses me out and I try to avoid unnecessary stress.  I love trips with my husband.  He is an explorer by heart.  He loves long drives, he loves to take good photos and he loves to experiment and try out new things.  Whereas, I can't drive, I love to be in a good photo and I like to try new things but ended up with the same old things.  He said I have a set menu for every restaurant.  According to him this is what I always go for:

Chinese = crispy shredded beef with special fried rice / yang chow
Italian = seafood pasta or lasagne
Indian = chicken rogan josh or anything with creamy sauce and tomato
Burger Joint = cheese with bacon burger
Thai = red thai curry with sticky rice

Am I getting too predictable or this is marriage life for me?  :P


Day 1 was a day spent in bed.  We left the UK at 5:55AM flight and arrived just before 11AM.  UK is 2 hours behind Greece.  When we finally checked in, we slept the whole day.  Luke and I where both knackered.  I kept on getting interrupted in my sleep worrying that we might end up sleeping the whole day, we did.  Luke pointed out that this is a new thing to us.  We arrive early, we sleep the whole day.  Never mind, we were on holiday.  We were meant to relax.

When we finally emerged from room, it was dinner time.  We enquired at the hotel and the price shocked us, it was 35GBP per person.  As we were both sensible, we walked out and found a restaurant 15 minutes walk from the hotel, Glogpo(I think) over looking the Church of Ipapanti.

I am a bit alien when it comes to Greek food.  I've only been to Cyma, I have no Greek friends and this is my first time in Greece.  As you have noticed, Greek is not on my set menu.  LOL!

 I love cheese!  Baked feta with paprika and bread.  It was heaven for me.
Veal steak.  The steak is bigger than my hand.  It was insane.  The salad is massive too.  That night, I discovered my love for Greek red house wine.  It wasn't dry and it was strong enough for me.  Luke got pissed drinking half a liter on his own.

The view from the restaurant is amazing.  The server was very polite and warm.  We wanted to go again but we didn't get the chance.  When we finally had the car, the only destination was in town.  Too much options in so little time.  <-- Spoken like a true fatty!

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