Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dream Boys Experience

I haven't been to a strip club for girls before.  I do have experience with clubs in Pattaya though.  You know, the Famous Walking Street.  It is no secret that my husband used to live in Pattaya.  He was once an expat for an Oil and Gas company.  I have visited him quite a bit when he was living there and on my first visit, we went to Walking Street.  

Anywayyyy, this is my first time in a strip club in London.  Would you believe that I haven't been to one?  Me who likes to try anything once.  Dream Boys is ideal for Hen Do.  For hens who are not afraid to have fun.  Let me do a break down of the performances.

1.  Male sexy dance performances.
2.  Audience participation with the strippers - oiling, touching, lap dancing, blindfold lap dancing.  You get the idea.
3.  Naked performance.

My top tips for people are going:

1.  Come to venue early so you have a pick of the seats.  I would suggest sitting near the exit/entrance of the performances near the stairs so you have full audience participation or grab seats nearest the stage.
2.  Eat before going.  Food is available but they are not enticing.
3.  Bring cash as most of the drinks are cash only.
4.  Have your photo taken with the strippers and download the copy to get reminded of the fun night.

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