Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bricklane, London

I do have a life outside my marriage.  I love that Luke and I are have separate sets of friends and we can do whatever we want on our time.  I do have friends who are boys and he have friends who happen to be girls.  There are things that Luke and I don't agree on like my taste in music or my love for handbags and I don't understand how he can tell a car by the sound of the engine but I guess it is like me spotting labels from a far.  :P

Raymond is one of my friends.  I call him Ray or Ho.  He will be leaving for South Korea to teach English.  I just don't know what he will teach those kids but he got the job so I think he is qualified.  Just kidding Ray if you are reading this.

I love that Ray took me to Bricklane.  It is a place where it is too hipster for my husband.  Although Bricklane is famous for it's curries it is also a good place to go over the weekend and visit the market and support local trade, sample overseas cuisines and shop for vintage and unique clothing.  I do love the street art as well.  

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