Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day trip to the Sea Side - Worthing

I struggled getting into the job that I wanted when I moved in the UK.  First, I didn't have the right degree although I have the right training.  I did Business Management in Uni but it was in a Philippine University.  I have retail management/ merchandising and manufacturing experience back home.  I wanted to go to Retail Buying Office in the UK but I ended up working in shops at first then I luckily did some buying for Thames Water until finally, I landed a job in Primark.  I had to sacrifice loads of time and weekends just to get to the job I am in today.  For few years, I am an absentee wife whilst I try to build my career and get into what I wanted but my husband looked after us.  This is why Luke and I would do anything when we get our weekends off together.  His is guaranteed as he works in the office whilst mine was not.  Summer is especially peak in retail.  

England is a great place if you can drive.  There are so much things to see or do depending on what you fancy.  You can be shopping in London, eating Fish and Chips in Brighton and visiting Windsor Castle.  I guess that would be the perk living in the South.  If you can't drive, the trains are well connected too but you have to plan your trip to include delays. 

Whenever Luke and I get the chance and the weather is good, we tend to go driving.  We liked to explore areas which we haven't been before.  This is why we have random day trips everywhere.  Luke genuinely loves to drive when the weather is good.  We chose Worthing because we haven't been and it's good to go to the seaside during summer.  Very very British.  :)

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