Friday, 28 August 2015

Reading Festival

2015 was the year that I went crazy with gigs.  My taste in music varies depending on who I am with and what year we are talking about.  In Uni, I listen to ska/reggae and alternative, indie/indie pop and some main stream hip hop and soul in High School.  Sometimes I listen to Jazz and Bossa too.  Let's just say that I am very open and enjoy variety of music.

I lived in Reading when I first moved in the UK.  So naturally, this is not my first Reading Festival.  I went in 2009 when Kings of Leon was hot.  I wanted to go again in 2015 because I want to see Bastille.  I am glad that I went now as, fast forward to the future (May 2016), I am currently 8 months pregnant.

There are loads of things to consider when attending Reading Fest:

1.  What to wear.  This is not Coachella.  People genuinely go to this festival because they enjoy music.  Americans vs British Music Festival is very much the opposite.  People dress up but they don't dress up to look cute.  Usually, it is sensibility  that reigns - rain boots (as the British weather is so unpredictable), light jackets, onesie.  It can vary.

2.  Arrive early.  If you are camping out, I can't help you as I only go for the day.  I am not the camping type as you can see on my blog.  I love the luxury of hot water and hotel.  If you are going for the day, I suggest going early especially if you are watching acts.  We had to queue up for an hour to get in.   Don't try anything stupid like bringing illegal stuff as you will be searched.  To be fair, we have seen people with drugs but I don't do drugs so I will not know how to smuggle them.

3.  Bring some cash.  Most concessions are cash only.  You can collect used pints in exchange of money.  I have seen some kids collect them.  

4.  Bring some wipes.  This is a festival and hygiene is always a question.  This is the reason why we sell Dry Shampoo and Dry Soap in Primark.  Yes, I work for the team that buys them.  :P

5.   Don't do anything stupid like queue jump.  We saw a guy, on the first day of the festival try to queue jump and was stopped by the marshals.  He embarrassed himself.

6.  If your favourite act is popular, try to push in front or get a good view before the actual act starts performing.  Bastille was so popular that everyone was stayed to watch it.  I say, more than Mumford and Sons.

7.  Download the app.  I think this is quite helpful so you can plan what you want to watch.  On that day, we saw Palma Violets, Panic! at the disco, Bastille, Alt J, Mumford and Sons, Limp Bizkit, just to name a few.

I learn a few things on this festival.  One, you should be with the company that will enjoy the same music as you are and two, my husband hates going to festival.  I don't want to say that he is old because I have seen older people in the crowd but he genuinely hates being grazed but kids who are drunk and or taking drugs.  At one point, he told the kid to get away from us.  :-P   

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