Saturday, 8 December 2007

Paris, France

Eiffel Tower

LV Flagship Store on the background
Inside Chateau de Versailles

When I was younger, I dreamt of travelling outside my country, The Philippines.  I was one of those people who are lucky enough not just to travel outside my country of residence but actually lived abroad.  Just like what I said in my previous post, I lived in the UK for 3 1/2 years.  It was one of the most fruitful years of my travel life and I won't trade it for anything.

Our trip to Paris was not something we planned.  Prior to recession, my old company used to organise trips abroad by bus.  Paris was the chosen country for 2007.  I wasn't controlling then so I let my mum do the organising, after all, she has been to Paris.  I was wrong!  She didn't plan anything!  Hahahaha!  As far as my Paris experience was concerned, I can only remember Sephora.  Our officemate can't stop talking about it and we only went to the shopping centres.  Good thing we were able to travel back in 2009 but that's a different story.

We only went as far as the Eiffel Tower and sight see through the bus.  It was worthy seeing the place inside the bus apart from the fact that I'm a filo and I love to take photo of everythingggggg.  Worst of all, we got lost along the way.  We can't figure out which Metro to use.  Mind you, we haven't go any plans.  Not even notes.  Two things we accomplished through our Paris trip, went up the Eiffel Tower and ate crepe.  :)  Oh, see the LV Flagship store so that's 3 things.  :)

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