Saturday, 29 December 2007

Singapore, Singapore

We tried to compress everything on the few days that we were in Malaysia.  Our schedule was so tight that it included a trip to Singapore.  From KL Sentral, we took a sleeper train to Singapore.  The train was a noisy one but because we really wanted to go and we were tired, so we slept through.  It was difficult at first but we had to suck it up.  I have a memory of the train smelling of pee although my memory might be wrong.  

My memory of Singapore was vague.  Mind you, I am writing from almost 4 years now.  I just started blogging about it cause it's one of my dreams to be a travel blogger.  From the airport, we took a cab that took us to the cable car to Sentosa.  I don't know how it happened but I think my mum asked the cab driver to take us to Sentosa and he took us there.  Armed with the free maps we roamed around Sentosa, searched for the Merlion and went to the man-made beach.  To finish off the trip, we went to Orchard Road and went back to Malaysia.  Our trip was short but we were happy for the experience.  That's 2 countries in one trip!  

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