Thursday, 27 December 2007

Petronas Tower, KL Malaysia

Outside the Petronas Tower
During our tour.  We were only given 10 minutes to take photos.  It was a very fast moving tour.
View from the Tower

When I went to Malaysia with my cousins,my mum and my sister, one of them, Jet was an aspiring photographer.  One of the highlights of his trip was to take photo of the Petronas Tower which he did and he did an awesome job.  To be honest, it was difficult to take photo of the Petronas Tower without the proper lens and without people walking about.  We went 3 times - one in the morning on our first day as I remember, one when we just arrived at night and another occasion which I can't remember now.  :P  It was easy to go to Petronas as everyone knew where the Tower is.  Obtaining a ticket is a bit difficult.  The entrance to Petronas Tower is free but you gotta queue up early in the morning and you have to be in queue to get a ticket.  We successfully got ours on the first try and we enjoyed the short visit that we were allowed inside.

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