Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bohol City Tour

In Bohol, you are gonna be hassled by taxi drivers.  Most of them moonlights as tour guides.  I tell you, this is a must go.  If you don't wanna jump into the first person who offer you the tour, ask for their number and tell them that you will get back to them.  They will happily give them to you anyway.  :)

1.  Blood Compact
 2.  Baclayon Church

 3.  Largest snake on captivity.

 4.  Tarsier up close.
 5.  Lombok Boat Ride.

 6.  The chocolate hills.
 7.  Butterfly Farm
8.  Man-made forest.
We also went to a cave and to the person who peels coconut with his teeth.  10 places in a day.  Definitely money's worth.

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