Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hotel Celeste

I love sleeping in nice hotels.  I like the fact that the bed is always well made, the pillows are fluffy and the toilets are clean.  There's nothing worse than a dirty bathroom.


Hotel Celeste reminded me of Number 10 Hotel that we stayed in in Scotland although this is just a quarter of it's size.  It is situated one of the busiest streets in Makati so expect to hear cars in the middle of the night.  On the brightside, it is just 5 minutes walk to Greenbelt where the best shopping and dining area in Makati is.  The bathroom is small for Mr. Banks standards but the L'Occitane products made up for it.  :P  The experience would have been perfect if the headboard is fixed, it made noises on slight movement.  The air conditioning took a long time to cool up too. 


There is a roof top restaurant in Hotel Celeste but Luke and I had soooo much options in Makati.  If you have endless options too I bet you wouldn't go to the hotel restaurant unless it's free of course.


Offers greek food.  Order food that says OPA and wait for the surprise.  :)

I recommend chicken kebab over lamb.  The lamb is very chewy.  Skip the starter pita unless you are very very hungry.  


Offers south east asian cuisine.  Luke and I haven't ordered anything that disappointed us.  Our favourite, Malayan beef curry with potatoes.  I also liked the Tilapia with Sambal Sauce(on photo).  

For first timers, you have to use the banana leaf as plate.

Probably the best Thai Restaurant I've been in in Makati.  There aren't much to choose from anyway.  I've been to people's place, nice ambiance but the food disappointed me.  Oody's on the other hand is not so pricey and the food is what you would expect to be.  Don't order tom yum soup to avoid being disappointed though.  Loved the Red Curry so much.


If you are feeling Italian food, then go to Marciano's.  There are other Italian Restaurants in the area but I always choose this place for the ambiance, theme and for the affordable food.  One order of pasta will cost you around 300PHP.  Not a lot especially when you are on holidays.


My most favourite Indian Restaurant in Makati.  Luke and I would always come here whenever he visits.  The food is fantastic.  Chicken Tikka Tandori and Mutton Biryani are my staple.  On some nights, they have belly dancers.  You can dine al-fresco and smoke sheesha too.  


Feeling Spanish?  Then go to Tapella.  I would recommend Flauta de Camembert con Cebolla Caramelizada and Arroz Negra(on photo).  Be warned though that you get black sh*t after eating the arroz negra.  :P


The filipino restaurant that I trust.  Luke loved the sizzling sisig and liempo.  I loved the satay.  Kare-kare is our version of curry.  Not spicy though.  People with peanut allergies should stay away from this.

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