Saturday, 13 October 2012

Summer Screens: a movie date at the park

I am a very cheesy person.  When I was single, I made a list of "creative" dates that I should go to.  Luckily, I met my match with my husband who is willing to do anything to make me happy(read: to keep my mouth shut and stop me from pouting).  :-P  One of the creative dates include outdoor cinema.  I know, it maybe nothing new to where you are from but from my side of the world(I used to live in the Philippines), it was something that we don't do often.  

Cinema Paradiso is one of the best films in my opinion.  Although I have it on DVD, I asked my husband to take me as he hasn't seen it yet.  I don't wanna go through the details of the film but I will say this, I cried from the moment his mum called that someone has died until the end.  I remember the lady beside me sobbing at the same moment that I was crying and also I remember my husband glancing my way whilst I was having difficulty catching my breath in between sobs.  You should choose wisely when going to an outdoor cinema.  Hehehe!

This year, the Summer Screens 2012 was held at Caversham Court Gardens.  It was a wonderful area at the side of the River Thames.  I never knew that garden actually existed although we used to pass by that road on our way to Oxford.  This is why we should always pay attention people.  :-)  

Tickets:  Seats are limited so I suggest booking in advance.  The seats weren't numbered too. So arrive early so you can choose your seat.
Food and Drinks:  On site drinks available and people are encouraged not to bring their own food.
Toilet:  I only saw one male and one female toilet


Don't forget to bring blanket.  We forgot to bring ours and I swear, I felt like my hands are gonna fall off!!   

Interested to go?  Please click on the link.


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