Saturday, 13 October 2012

Windsor: More than just the Castle

 The Crooked House.
 This is so cool.  I have been to Windsor several times before but this is the first time that I noticed this. 
 The Great Park.
 Only the red post box marked with ER is working.  The GR is from the George V reign.  ER is Elizabeth Regina as in Elizabeth Reigns.  Husband pointed that out yesterday. He is so cool. 
 The Last Supper. 

As a joke, I told my husband to take me on a weekly date.  I don't know if he took me seriously as dating when you live together is more than cooking meals for each other and watching DVDs.

Luke drove to Windsor yesterday but I didn't say anything.  I love Windsor but it is where his late father used to live.  True enough, before we reach the town centre, he told me that he was sad.  His dad's old office is next to the shops.

Windsor is very interesting.  They have THE Windsor Castle for one, a ferris wheel or big wheel as some British people call it,  a high street that reminds you of Covent Garden in London, a massive park and they have The Last Supper painting from the 1600's.  The area in my opinion is full of character and more posh than Reading where we live.  :)

In Windsor, don't forget to:

1.  Go inside the Windsor Castle if you like to take a peek at the life of royalties.  I did went once in 2008 and I was only disappointed on the restricted areas.  The tour of the castle will probably take 2 hours.

2.  Canoe and Kayak.  This is only applicable if few members if not all can kayak or canoe.  Otherwise, take the boat trip.  My friends and I canoe through the canal and there were only 2 people maneuvering the canoe.

3.  Take the wheel if you wanna see the surrounding areas.  When I went in 2008, it was very green.  

4.  Visit the CROOKED HOUSE IN WINDSOR.  No purchase necessary.  :)

5.  Visit the painting of The Last Supper at The Parish Church of St. John The Baptist.
Free Entrance.  Donation optional.

6.  Look for the ancient well which is beside the blue and red post boxes.

7.  Go for a walk in the Windsor Great Park.
Free Entrance.


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