Friday, 11 October 2013

Trip back home: Last day in Berlin

Too many reasons why I love Berlin.

a.  Art.  Graffiti or not, I love that I can see art everywhere.
b.  Bike ways.  Apart from Amsterdam, I've never been to a place where cyclists share the same priority as the pedestrians.
c.  Parks.
d.  People.  I found Germans quite friendly actually.

I used to book late flight out thinking that I have a bonus day to explore the city.  Now that I have enough travel experience, I found that 6-7PM is the perfect time for me.  It gives me enough time to explore the city without getting Too bored or tired waiting for my flight.

As I am in the zone still, I remember telling my mum that I was lenient with her the previous day.  I only took her to 3 places so that counts as being lenient right?  I was that inconsiderate.  I know my mother is unfit but I expected her to have the same energy as someone my age.  Inconsiderate, I tell you.  :(

First stop:  Topographie Des Terrors

It is amazing what you can learn from going to this place.  It is one of the shocking and truthful depiction on the Nazi Regime.  Enough said.

We went to Charlie's checkpoint again this day.  Just to see if we missed anything.  I usually look through the google photos to double check if I miss anything base on other people's trip.  :P  


Sorry I didn't realise that I left this unfinished.  Sometimes I start something in this blog and then I forget and now, more than a year later, I am finishing this post.  I blame my job.  Blogging is my hobby so it is the least of my priorities.  :P

Final Stop:  Berliner Dom

I remember loving this final day in Berlin.  I love Autumn.  I love the colours of the leaves and when the leaves fall.  I wish my husband was with me in this trip but I also understand that we should go on certain trips separately and enjoy the company of others.  :)  We head back to England after this.

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