Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 1 and 2: Kalkan, Turkey

I have to admit, I've been neglecting blogging lately.  Between work and my non-existent social life, I don't really have the time to write.  Since Berlin, I have been to Prague, Malaysia and almost a month holiday back home in the Philippines.  It was exciting but also resources draining.  You think you won't spend money 'cause you are in your own country but it's the other way around.  I found myself converting peso to pounds all the time and thinking everything was cheap.  It was, until every expenses added up.

Turkey was not on my travel bucket list.  I thought I was done with Europe and Asia so I was thinking of Mexico, South America or Caribbean but those aren't visa free countries. I am limited to countries that don't need visa to travel and sometimes, I have that to be thankful for.  This is why Luke and I ended up in Morocco and Turkey this time.  I am a Filipino passport holder and resident of the UK.  Because of my status, I was able to travel to Turkey with my online purchased visa.

When I told Luke that I wanted to go to Turkey, I didn't really have an idea where to go.  If I have to be honest, he made everything happen.  Just like our wedding, my responsible husband took control.  He went online, asked friends and researched places where we can both enjoy.  Luckily, he made the right choice.  

Kalkan is a very picturesque city.  Its nearest airport is Dalaman which is an hour and a half drive.  Possibly the best place for me and Luke to stay in as everything is of driving distance.  We lived near the Sehir Merkezi (town centre) but to explore and do some activity, you have to drive a bit further.  

Our first day was uneventful.  We took an afternoon flight which arrived at 10PM.  With 2 hours time difference ahead of England plus driving time, we were in Kalkan by midnight.  I wasn't expecting much to be honest.  I learnt that if we weren't staying 5 stars, that I should be fully prepared with toiletries and low expectations.  :-P  The place where we stayed in was a 10 room guest accommodation with amazing ocean view.  

 View from our room.
 The pool with amazing view.
 Lunchtime view.

Our second day didn't start right.  First off, Luke was disappointed about the breakfast.  This is something that we always look forward to when we go on holiday.  But in Turkey, you get Turkish breakfast which means, olives, mixed fruits, cheese and bread.  It supposed to have eggs on it but our small hotel didn't provide for one.  When the owner told us to help ourselves to breakfast, Luke can't help but add, "to what?".  She's a sweet lady but her breakfast didn't satisfy our hunger at all. Nothing was on the agenda that day.  We both just want to top up our tan.  But with both Asian genes, tanning came to easy for us.  By 2PM we retreated to our room and got ready to explore the Sehir Merkezi.  When we asked the people how long will it take to the town centre, they replied, 5 minutes.  But with strong sunshine, it felt like 30.  The same day, we asked for a rental car.  Walking became unbearable.

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