Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day 3: Xanthos and Patara Plaji

I am very lucky that I found my partner and my best friend.  With my husband, I can be myself.  I have been in relationships where I had to change myself not for the better but so my personality can fit my partner.  But I learnt early on that you can't expect people to change and you have to love them for who they really are and not their potential.  My husband and I have different interest.  Music wise, we are the polar opposites.  Travelling though is a different matter.  We are explorers, we aren't afraid to try out different things, eat different food and immerse in the culture.  Luke loves long drives.  As long as there is petrol in the car, sunblock and money in our pockets then we are ready to go.  It does help that we are both low maintenance.  When I first started travelling, photo was the priority.  As a middle class Filipino, sometimes you only have one chance to visit a place so you want proof.  Now though, I get to enjoy the experience.  :)

Luke and I didn't have any plans.  Just like everyday of this trip.  I went to Turkey to really get away from England and work.  I just wanna relax and expected daily beach trips.  But Luke and I can't sit still.  The owner recommended Patara Plaji(beach) to us but on our way, we saw Xanthos so we drove there anyway.  It is a UNESCO heritage site.  It has ruins.  Not Roman, but Lycian.  To be honest, I didn't know the difference but its just amazing to see that after hundreds of years, the amphithreatre looked intact still.  The best of all, the entrance and parking is FREE. :)

It was a very hot sunny day so after 10 minutes or so of exploring, we left for Patara Plaji.  The Patara Plaji is a UNESCO heritage site as well.  On the way to the beach, there was a long drive where you can see ruins just like Xanthos.  The drive reminded me on Bopal in India when we went to see the Bhimbetka Cave Paintings.  At the end of the drive was a 5 minute walk to the beach.  The beach reminded me of Candolim Beach as they both have strong waves and massive shore.  The only difference is Patara have whiter water and lesser stores.  To be honest, there were only one small pub hut and shared toilets.  Umbrellas and sun beds are available for rent in the area.  I suggest renting one as the sand gets really really hot when the sun is strong.  

Unlike all the beaches that I've been in, I was amazed that no one bothered me through out our whole stay in the beach.  No lady walking offering massages or selling souvenirs.  Although the wave is strong, the water is shallow so you can go very far without swimming.  A plus when you are a non swimmer like me. :)  

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